Sloan Law Firm, PA is now ready to accept bankruptcy cases. Mr. Sloan practiced bankruptcy in his first attorney job out of law school and is ready to get back into it. Sometimes, defending a foreclosure just does not work out; If this does not work out, you can seek the protections of the Bankruptcy Court. For homeowners wanting to keep their house, they can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You can catch up on the missed payments over a three to five year period while dealing with other debts as well. Also, you may have a better chance gaining a loan modification during the bankruptcy with the new portal worked on by Bankruptcy Judge John Waites. For other debtors, or for homeowners who do not want to keep their home, we can file a Chapter 7. The bankruptcy laws are more complicated than they were before 2005. Don’t go it alone. Pick up the phone and call Bill Sloan.